Our Business gets its Nutrition from the Flourishing CreativeEnvironment in the Biotech Comunity in Uppsala.

     We operate in the Uppsala – Stockholm biotech environment in the center of Sweden.

     The region has always been in the frontline for improving the knowledge and tools for research and routine applications within biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine. Invention such as the ultra-centrifugation, electrophoresis, size exclusion gel filtration, sequential solid phase immunoassay, isoelectrofocusing, isotachophoresis, pyrosequencing, allergy diagnostics have had their birth in laboratories
at the universities and institutes

A number of world leading products and systems has been developed, produced and marketed by companies
in the region. Also today the flourish creativity in the laboratories in the area is resulting in a steadily
expanding number of companies in biotechnology.

     Also our company builds on this tradition and gets its nourishment from this exceptionally strong scientific and industrial milieu.

Board and Management

Chairman of board:
Lars Olof Hansson. Med. Dr

Chief executive officer:
Hans Hendmont, Ph. Dr.

Scientific Board:
Anders Waldenström, Prof. Umeå university
Anders Larsson, Prof. Uppsala university

Research & Development site:
Klövern Business Park
Rapsgatan 23
754 50 Uppsala, Sweden

Main office:
EDS Exosome Diagnostic Systems AB 
Kungsängsvägen 12, lgh 1401
184 53 Åkersberga, Sweden