Improving Health Care, Meeting the Demands
on Personalized Medicine by Enabling
Routine Screening
for Early Detection of Lethal and
Chronical Diseases

     Exosome Diagnostics Systems AB are focused on developing and introducing new revolutionary “liquid-biopsy” diagnostics to the clinical routine . Our objective is to deliver cost-effective, highly sensitive and specific tools for the health care provider. These tools will be used in early detection of cancer, cardiovascular and brain diseases.

     The basic principle for our diagnostics are analysis of information contained in the exosomes released from all cells. The exosomes are used as information carriers between cells and organs in our body. By measuring the amount of different exosome types and of specific marker molecules, the state of health is diagnosed.

     Out test technologies will be applied in high performance automated diagnostic instrumental systems. The systems will be globally marketed to enable access to these new diagnostic opportunities in all parts in the world.

     Our systems can be used in screening, diagnosis and for monitoring of treatment.