We are a System Company having Access to Highly Sophisticated and Robust Diagnostic System Technologies.


     EDS Exosome Diagnostic Systems AB is a system integration company with the experience to develop technologies, products and systems. We will deliver systems composed of technologies and products such
as reagents, assay processes, test kits, instrument and software to be marketed in the research and routine diagnostic laboratories.

     The company is well experienced in technologies used in classical clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and molecular biology test products and systems. We have also a wide range of solutions for instrument designs from point of care systems to high performance random access automated routine instruments.

     The company has also gained knowledge from the early 1980s until the present day to develop user friendly software for laboratory testing administration and real time control of automated instruments.
We are as well experienced in management of complex system projects, performed according to valid quality and regulatory principles and rules. The company has all the expertise required to register and get approval for diagnostic products and systems.

     Linked to EDS Exosome Diagnostic Systems AB
are also companies for production of reagents and instruments.The final production of kits and of integrated systems is kept within our company.